Touché by dS

Help / Instructions

Start right away with no setup. Get the fencers registered for a single poule-round total classification and direct elimination tableau tournament. Touché takes care of all the computations and tournament tracking along all of its stages.

You can set up a tournament with multiple poule rounds, elimination before the tableau, and different classification systems.

Tournament setup

Poules can be generated accounting for fencers' ranking and/or clubs. If one or both are selected, the fencers will be distributed among equalized poules. Otherwise, the distribution of fencers will be randomized.

You can define the touch goal in poule and tableau bouts (maximum value allowed at result entry). The default value is 5 for poules, 15 for tableau (individual), and 15 for poules, 45 for tableau (team).

The maximum number of fencers to assign per poule can be set up, the default being 7. You can also determine the elimination of fencers in the admission to the tableau, either as % or as a number.

You can have multiple poule rounds, and in that case, you can select whether the classification for the tableau will be done computing the last round's ranking or the average. From the second poule round onwards, the distribution of fencers is done according to the previous ranking, thus equalizing poules.

Available tableau types are: direct elimination, complete playoff, repechage (second chance), and crazy tableau. You can set a third place playoff too, irrespective of tableau type. The repechage tableau offers each fencer a second chance (tables A, B, C, D, and then it goes on with direct elimination).


Register fencers by writing their name (Fencer), club and rank (Rk). The only mandatory field is name (Fencer), and the others will be used for setting up the poules only if the corresponding option is selected in the setup. The order of registration is irrelevant. All positions are randomized before processing the poules. You can also use the club field for stratifying the fencers into categories that should be balanced among poules.

Once all fencers are registered, Generate poules will take you to the next stage.


Touché processes all the information and shows the poules as you would see them on typical sheets.

There you can find the number of bouts to be held in each poule, the call order, and the table for registering the results. The order may be altered for the entry of results. To register a bout result simply click on the corresponding frame and enter the score, just as you would write it on the tournament sheet. If there is a mistake, it can be corrected by re-entering that result.

When a poule is finished, the partial results will be shown. Once all poules have finished, you can check there are no mistakes in the information entered, and you can still make corrections. Then click Process so Touché will take you to the next round (if you have set up so) or to the tableau.


Once in the tableau, you will see the final classification of the poules, and the tableau built according to the selected type. There you will find the first bout calls ready to register their respective results. As results are entered, they remain visible in the tableau, and when the current stage is completed, you can Process to move on to the next one. Mistakes in the entry of results can be corrected before processing.

You can navigate the tableau scrolling the screen at any time.

When you reach the final, or the final stage, depending on the tableau type, Process final will be enabled, and by clicking it you will be taken to the final result of the tournament, with the complete classification listing.

General hints

As long as you do not close the app, all data remain there even though they are minimized or hidden. Once closed, or if you reload it, all the information entered could be discarded.

Touché automatically saves entered fencers in your device to be able so they can be loaded more easily in future tournaments. Data from the latest tournament and the background image are also stored. These data can be removed through the corresponding option in Setup - General. If you select Update local ranking when finishing a tournament, Touché will automatically suggest the saved ranking when you register those same fencers.

Touché is a light-weight, practical and agile app for practice fencing tournament handling. It is not intended for replacing the software used in official competitions.

It is also an experimental app in development stage. If you find an error, bug or flaw, or if you have a suggestion to improve it, please

get in touch with us!

Disclaimer: Touché is a private development open to the fencing community in test mode. Under no circumstances will the authors of this software be liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the use of or inability to use this software or any of the material contained in it. This application code is protected by law as intellectual property, and it is publicly offered "as is" without any warranty or commitment.